Bubbleman 3 Battery Operated Soap Dispenser 210ml

Bubbleman 3 Battery Operated Soap Dispenser 210ml


The Bubbleman 3 is a brand new battery operated automatic soap dispenser.  It features a new design that isolates soap container from the eletronics, making the electronics safe when you are refilling the soap container.  Foam soap is dispensed when you place your hands within 5 cm from its sensor near its nozzle.


Running on 3 pieces of AA batttery, a fresh set of AA batteries lasts approximately 3 to 6 months depending on usage patter.  


    • Product name: Bubbleman Bubble Operated Soap Dispenser (Foam)
    • Capacity 210ml
    • Battery requirement 3 x AA Battery (1.5V each, total 4.5V)
    • Battery life - Approximately 3 to 6 months depending on pattern of use, lesser if use very frequently
    • Compatible soap type: Foaming liquid soap (low viscosity) eg Kirei Kirei, Dettol, Walch foaming soap
    • Liquid soap, liquid dish washing liquid (medium / high viscosity) - NEEDS TO BE DILUTED with water, 1 part soap with 3 part water depending on how much foam generated. Will require some trial and error)

    6 Months warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects. Please read full description of Warranty Policy here.


    Ship out within 2 days from order, receive within 3 to 5 business days from ship out date.

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