High anion concentration to neutralize the statics in the hair. (50 million negative ion particles)
Three temperature settings and two wind speeds
Overheating protection to save the machine from damage.
20m/s strong wind to dry the hair in a quick way.
57 ℃ smart constant temperature to nourish hair softly.

Xiaomi H300 Anion Negative Ion 1600W Hair Dryer

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  • Model:H300 
    Color: White 
    Wind speed: 20m/s 
    Rated power: 1600W 
    Rated frequency: 50Hz 
    Rated voltage: AC/220V 
    Product net weight: 498g (including nozzle) 
    Dimensions: 135×77×215mm (including nozzle) 
    Wind Button Mode: Power OFF/Soft Wind/Strong Wind 
    Temperature Button Mode: Cold Wind/Warm Wind/Hot Wind