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Ice Coorel Dual Turbo Fan RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

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  • Dual rear mounted turbo fan, cool air is pushed out from a small compartment housing the fan, pushing pressured air under the laptop, dissipating hot air on the sides of the cooling pad.
  • The RGB lights
  • 7 Preset display patterns
  • 3 Fan speeds: low, mid, high
  • Adjustable height
  • Laptop coolers are designed to help laptops dissipate hot air. If you expect that the laptop cooler needs to function like a fan, please DO NOT purchase this. NO refunds will be provided if your complains are that it does not "feel strong".


  • MODEL: Ice Coorel A3
  • Adjustable Height Settings for Ideal Viewing and Typing Angle - 7 height settings
  • Silent 60mm Fan (23dB, measured under quiet ambient noise level of 30dB - Night Scenario, Fire siren sound level being 104dB)
  • Adjustable Fan speeds settings
  • USB Powered
  • Fan Speed : 2200 to 2800rpm
  • Max Airflow: 74.3CFM
  • Supports up to 18" Notebooks
  • Dimensions: 400*350*45mm
  • Weight: 0.99KG